BL #2025 - White Tulip - TEST PHOTO FOR COMPARISON.HEIC3.heic
SS #2001 - Escape Artists.jpeg
#6 - Linda Burnell - First completed Pai


One July day in 2017, after 24 years of studying, painting (& searching for the meaning of life through Art) then teaching Art  & Design to lots of gorgeous students... a rather wonderful thing happened..'.

It began with the realisation that life doesn't actually last that long, the meaning of life is uncovered to us in the end so stop looking for it & we really could do with smelling the tulips a bit more, laugh a  bit louder, dance a bit crazier & surround ourselves with things & people that make our hearts smile the biggest.


The ensuing transformation began with the exploration into a world of colour, texture, beauty & soul with the “Bloomin’ Landscapes” series.

Then January 2020 saw the beginning of the seriously quirky, smile evoking, question asking, fun & refreshing new series, “Seriously!?” And 2021 - I have begun my 'Joy' series - introducing my new muse, Monty (Alfred Montague). He's gorgeous and there will be many more paintings of him to come!   

Have a peek - see what you think...  👻