Her Gift... 

My friend had had a very near brush with cancer. After the surgery and the radiation treatment, she came to me.


She asked me to paint for her, something 'cheerful and uplifting'. Something that would 'mark' this moment in her life. 


The scene is a sunrise...

It is the beginning of stunningly beautiful, new day, full of hope and promise.


The branch of the tree entering from the left is a silver birch... 

The silver birch holds great symbolism throughout many cultures around the world, but across them all, it symbolises "Protection, Purification & New Beginnings".


'Her' silver birch represents the  Purification of her body, the Protection her treatment has given her and most wonderfully -  her New Beginning!



Upon the branch, is a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. 


Caterpillars & butterflies symbolise transformation. A transformation that is nothing short of magical.


Emerging from its cocoon. her butterfly has done the hard bit, the metamorphoses - now it has its reward... 

It's time to fly!


There is a story of a woman who, when watching a butterfly emerge from it's cocoon, decided to 'help it' break free of it's 'prison' and make it's transition into the next phase of its life a little easier. The woman gently and lovingly cut away the cocoon and freed the brand new butterfly. 

She waited for it to straighten its wings and take flight. But, as time passed, and its wings stayed bent, hanging crumpled at its sides, the woman saw with sadness, her mistake.

You see, in its fight to free itself from the cocoon, the butterfly pumps blood into its wings giving them life. 

Without the struggle, it's bent, crippled wings will never allow it to fly.


When we first talked about her painting - I asked her to name a colour. She said 'red'. 

Thus, red became the colour of her butterfly. 

The butterfly is my friend. 

It is emerging from its cocoon, just as she was emerging from her time of struggle. 

She had done her 'hard bit'... her  metamorphosis.


Now, it is her time to fly.


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© 2014 by Diana Nicholson-Plank