Discoveries Art School

Can't draw to save your life?   

I bet YOU CAN!

Art Lessons for Grown-ups

Discoveries Art Classes:

For everyone to get the most out of our Art Lessons, classes are 'sorted' into 2 'groups' - all with a max of 6 students per class:

First Steps: for newbies to art. (Or if you are after a refresher of the basics.)

101 classes introduce students to painting & drawing skills with a programme that builds upon itself to reinforce the basics - and the reality that painting and drawing can be learned skills. 

102 classes builds on the basics taught in Term 1 beginning with learning about composition and how to tackle various subjects such as still life, furry friends and landscapes. Great stuff!

Different Strokes: classes are for people looking for support & encouragement with their own art - with a wee 'Sneak Peek' to extend their Arty education each week to keep things fresh and interesting.

Classes at Discoveries are bursting with positiveness and supported by a group safety net to enable all members to occasionally jump knowing all will be well.

For more information about my classes click below to open my Discoveries website in a new window...  

My favourite Students:


Ok, so as a Teacher, it is simply wrong to admit to having favourite students - but I must confess... some of the 

'most wonderful' experiences I have had as a teacher have been working with the student who claims 'I can't draw to save my life' - or 'I can't draw a stick figure'.

It might just  be the 'know-it-all' in me, but I simply love proving them wrong!

I firmly believe no-one is born an Artist. Those who have attained that title have done so out of shear determination & hard work - and a willingness to both play and to be vulnerable. 

Everyone can learn to paint & draw and although the odd person has pushed the boundaries of my belief - ultimately -

I've not been proven wrong, yet :-)

My Teaching Philosophy...


To support, inspire, motivate & gently challenge each student to achieve all they wish in their Art.


All this while working in a 'zero-pressure', relaxed & fun environment... 

because we learn best when we are enjoying what we do :-)

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