bloomin' landscapes

Beautiful, ‘diana-ified’ flowers & landscapes that lean toward abstraction... 

Full of colour & texture, contrast & soul.


Like a great many people, life has thrown the odd curve-ball or 2 my family's direction the past few years.

Without going into boring details, some of these 'curve balls' have been a tad tricky to be fair - but ultimately - they also contained a rather wonderful silver lining...

You see, what I would have done in the past when life's curve-balls came my way, would be to disappear into my studio and use my Art as a tool for personal discovery & healing. I saw that creating 'deep & meaningful' art was a whole lot cheaper than therapy and it seemed to help :-)

But then, in 2017, something rather interesting happened...

Something shifted in me. And,

Something rather fascinating happened with my Art...

Out of the blue, one day, in July 2017,  I developed an overwhelming need to paint flowers...

Beautiful, ‘Diana-ified’ flowers that leaned toward abstraction - that were full of colour & texture, contrast & soul.

And, I needed all my 'deep & meaningful' images gone!

So, into the attic they went and into my studio I hobbled - and I began my forage into the world of unadulterated colour, texture, beauty & soul.

I call them my “Bloomin' Landscapes” 😁

And I love them!

And, I have never been more grateful for the life's curveballs :-)

NOTE: If a painting you like is already sold - please contact me to be get  'first dibs' on new releases as they become available.