Arches I...

I painted this the year I was relocating my family to Christchurch. The plan was to begin a new stage of our lives... and just see what happened.

Knowing no-one in our new city was fairly daunting but the drive to make a life for myself and my children was stronger than my fear of the unknown.


Like a great many of my paintings - it is full of symbolism...


The contrasting colours and tones are a mirror to the highs and lows that inevitably come with such a move. Moving away from safety and security, driven by some unseen force toward an unknown future full of possibilities. 

The spheres represent myself and my children

The Arches represent the doorways that are constantly opening and closing in our lives. 

The symbol for Psychology reflects my drive to become the best version of 'Diana' I was capable of becoming.


And what a great decision it was!

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© 2014 by Diana Nicholson-Plank